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A Pictorial Review of Lomas Ambulances

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Here you will find images of various vehicles still 'on the road' today and copies of brochures produced in the 1950s, '60s and '70s. My interest lies in the family connection where my late uncle, Aubrey Lomas (and his sons), continued his family's business of producing ambulances at their Handforth works (near Wilmslow, Cheshire) for the various services around the country and, indeed, the world. His grandfather was probably Herbert Lomas, the founder of the company. The history of the company and further images will be added as information comes to hand.

There is some evidence, tenuous at present, to suggest that the company in some form was founded around the year 1862. However, it is to be noted that this is also the approximate date of birth of one of the 'Herberts' Lomas (there were a number with this forename) and the two events may well be confused.
The Census Returns of 1901 for the Manchester area list Herbert Lomas as a Wheelwright of Salford. The 1903, 1909 and 1911 Slater's Directories of the same area list Herbert Lomas variously as Coach and Carriage Builders, Coachbuilders and Wheelwrights of City Road, Hulme, Manchester (see also the 'Genealogy' pages). Herbert Lomas Ambulances Ltd became a Private Limited Company with a date of Incorporation of 8th December 1913 having a Company Registration Number of 00132628. The final accounts being made on 31st December 1981.

I discovered the images below quite a while ago and cannot recall their source. If you have knowledge of the source please let me know in order to provide an appropriate acknowledgement.

Bedford J Series ambulances covering the West Midlands, Birmingham and Herefordshire in the 1960s. The registration plates indicate the first (left) is from 1965 with the other two from 1968. I saw the West Midlands vehicle at the NEC, Birmingham in 2002 where it was in excellent condition and a credit to their Preservation Society.


1967 Land Rover with the livery of North Yorkshire (originally Somerset CC). First registered in Chester. Vehicle seen at Tadcaster Classic Car Show, April 2004. Seen again at Tadcaster 2007 (far right), the vehicle has many period features and was a demonstrator originally. The extra number plate is probably not original (Courtesy Paul Lund). To see a few more pictures & read the story of her rebuilding select the link below.
For some unexplained reason the vehicle turned up in a scrap yard in Norway where, sad to report as at December 2010, it was in a very sorry state. It was, along with other Land Rovers, purchased by a Land Rover enthusiast who held an auction in the midlands, where it was sold in 2011 and is now in Europe - possibly Belgium - hopefully to be restored to it's former glory.

The restoration


Left to right; Lomas Army Land Rover Series 2a; Somerset's 1972 Lomas Range Rover; 1964 Lomas conversion of a BMC (Morris) J2 for Hampshire Ambulance Service.


A vehicle for civil and military use.


An ambulance designed for the warmer climes abroad - the one pictured is destined for Colombia, South America.


Left; Lomas B Type on a Bedford J1 chassis. Middle; Lomas J Type on a Bedford J1 'easy-access' chassis. Right; Lomas conversion of the Bedford CF.


A further 'timeline' of Lomas bodied vehicles

Left to right; 1910-1920s Altrincham UDC Accident Ambulance by Herbert Lomas 16-18 City Road, Manchester (courtesy Trafford Lifetimes ), 1937 Vauxhall (London), 1949 Bedford K2, 1950 Bedford KZ ML2, 1956 Austin Princess, 1959 Bedford CA, 1966 Morris LD, 1968 Bedford CAL, 1969 BMC LD5W, 1972 Bedford J1, 1975 Bedford J1, 1976 Ford Cortina Mk3.


These recently acquired photographs (2009) show a 1950s Austin Sheerline Lomas bodied ambulance in the livery of the Sheffield Ambulance Service and, below, a 1981 Ford Transit also with a Lomas body acquired by the South Yorkshire Ambulance Service. The registration plate (PG) of the Austin suggests it was registered in Surrey and that of the Ford in Sheffield in around 1982 or 1983 which was purchased for the Barnsley/Hoyland area.

This may be one of the last vehicles built by the Herbert Lomas Company.
Grateful acknowledgments are due to Phil for allowing their reproduction.


1970 Ford Cortina 1600 Mk2 and 1976 Land Rover 109 Series 3 being restored by the Ambulance Heritage Society based in the East Midlands and their roadworthy 1983 Ford Transit Mk 2, all by Herbert Lomas. http://ambulanceheritagesociety.com/

Here are a few Lomas vehicles I have seen on my travels

Sheffield's 1950s Austin Sheerline seen at the NEC 1998

1967 Bedford CAL, issued to the Royal Ordnance Depot for 2 years then the RAF until 1985. Converted to a camper mid '90s. 39000 miles in 2007. Seen at Ashover, Derbys. Oct. 2009.

1966 Morris LD & 1949 Bedford KZ owned by the East Midlands Ambulance Conservation Group. Seen at Wollaton, Notts, May 2009. (Also pictured above).

1960s Bedford J1 converted from a Herbert Lomas Ambulance, registered in Rotherham. Often had yellow over black livery (Sheffield). Seen at Pickering 2003.



Bedford J1 Lomas ambulance, No. 14 Matchbox model by Lesney, a popular model when first produced and now much sought after in good condition.
A model in excellent condition with box will fetch 50! I seem to recall they were 1/6d originally.
In September 2009, a seller on Ebay was asking 174.50 for a mint condition model!